Intelligent cars may change the way you drive

If you want to know more about how intelligent cars can make driving easier and are eco-friendly then this is a must read. The new invention in technology is making trips more proficient by preventing gridlock and avoiding wrecks thus avoiding the peak hour traffic for drivers. These cars have analytics and algorithms that predict driver behavior and estimate the upcoming commutes by studying the traffic details. Devices are equipped with radar technologies that detect the surroundings to reduce traffic obstruction and prevent fatal accidents thus improving the fuel utility. Below is discussed the important factors to understand and keep a note of while going for intelligent cars.

The Car Can Predict Where To Drive

These intelligent cars come with high tech tracking systems that work via internet and traces where the vehicle is and at what time. Through this algorithm better calculations and results will be delivered each time. These cars can alter their power utilization in terms of whether to run on gasoline or battery all based on the trip details and potentials and is functional for plug-in hybrid cars.

These Cars Can Predict What The Traffic Needs to Do

What more can this car do for you? The application will use the GPS installed to track the movement of the car throughout different times of the day thus learning the routines. These sensors will also track the speed of the cars along with the flow of traffic by counting number of cars per minute as they collect data every thirty seconds. IBM has further worked on this and it collects data every five minutes and feeds the details in the system which makes the analysis to pull out the pattern.

Your Car will predict the moves of other drivers and Pedestrians’

In addition to all these, your car will have developed and improved engine efficiency thus reducing the emissions thus preventing slow traffics. The advanced algorithms will further ensure that there are lesser traffics in the future and also enable the vehicles to correspond with one another in a better way. The upcoming idea is to make driverless driving, enabled with these advanced technologies and algorithms which will avoid crashes and traffic jams as one car alteration will automatically change the behavioral patterns of all the cars. The sensors installed in the cars via the applications will collect data and share it with other cars through the local wireless networking system. Alongside, it will also send the report to the center of central traffic authority.