Some of the bike accessories you must have

Are you looking for bike accessories, here is the guide to answer all your requirements. To keep your bike safe and make it a little more customized according to your style and upgrade it, you need to look for accessories that will serve all the purposes. Irrespective of whether you have just bought a new bike or have an existing one for years, there are many ways with which you can make your cycling experience more thrilling and fun. Setting up your bike as per your needs and requirements can make your adventure satisfying, relaxed and pleasant. The below-listed accessories are important to check out.

  • Fenders

A bike fender is the most important as it protects a rider from mud and water splatters on the road. They are simple clip-on extensions that can be easily installed during the rainy season and also can be removed when you want to lighten your bike for racing or a long ride. These clip-on fenders are practical as well as functional as they do not include wired fittings for bolts which in terms of safety is a more durable option as they provide full-length coverage and do not rattle because of the secure attachment system.

  • Bike Computers

These are accessories that let you keep a track on the time, speed and distance of your rides as they have an updated GPS tracking system installed. The options are varied as they are available in both wired as well as wireless systems. To record the elevation loss and gain, there is installed an altimeter as well and a heart rate monitor strap to communicate wirelessly. Nowadays a Smartphone can also be used to measure all these activities by installing cycling specified applications.

  • Locks

The importance of bike locks cannot be denied as it should be the topmost priority that you keep your high tech bike from getting stolen and a sturdy lock is an absolute must. You must know that it is important that you buy a chain lock or tough U-lock. The locks that come with cables are generally less secure but they are handy and suitable for areas that are low in crime. Together with a chain lock or U-lock, they can be used for easily removable parts like the front wheel or the seat.

  • Cages and Water Bottles

Along with all other necessities, you cannot ignore your hydration and it is pivotal that your list of accessories has a water bottle cage. These types of cages hold the bottle securely while attached to the bike frame with the help of bolts. You can look for either threaded fitting age or cages that have straps or clamps which can be easily installed.